Premium Programmable Key

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Product Description

The Autel IKEY is a versatile programmable smart key, tailor-made for automotive professionals. It's designed to be a universal solution, capable of replacing smart keys for over 700 vehicles, including models from distinguished manufacturers like BMW, Hyundai, Nissan, Chrysler, Ford, Honda, and General Motors.

This smart key, the IKEY, upholds OE-quality standards and operates within the 315M/433M frequency range. It offers support for a range of button configurations, spanning from two to seven buttons, providing adaptability for various vehicle models. Furthermore, it is equipped with a premium-quality battery to ensure dependable performance.

To streamline the programming process, the KM100 tablet can be employed. With this tool, you can program the IKEY for compatible vehicles in as little as a minute. The Autel IKEY proves to be an invaluable asset for automotive professionals seeking efficiency and precision in key replacement and programming tasks across a broad spectrum of vehicles.