EV Expansion Pack for MS909, MS919 and Ultra

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£1,095.00 excl. VAT

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Take your workshop into the future with the Secure High-Voltage Guided System Testing & Analysis.

The EV Expansion Pack Upgrade Kit comprises the EVDiag Box and dedicated adapters designed for specific electric vehicles, enabling you to conduct in-depth battery pack analysis. The EVDiag Box seamlessly interfaces with the MaxiSys Ultra, MaxiSys MS919, and MaxiSys MS909 tablets. Connection to the MaxiFlash VCI or VCMI is established through the EVDiag Box.

With the EV Expansion Pack at your disposal, qualified Level 4 technicians gain the capability to perform advanced diagnostics on a wide spectrum of European, US, and Asian Full Battery and Hybrid vehicles.

This Upgrade Kit includes essential adapters tailored to specific vehicle models, granting technicians direct access to battery packs for comprehensive diagnostic assessments.