Beware of Grey Imports

Grey Imports & fakes can often be lower in price, but can cost you a fortune.

Don't buy a tool in the UK unless it has a UK Warranty, UK Support Tag and E.U. Support card. Buy SMART, always buy from an Authorised Dealer.

Please note: Grey imports can't access vehicles with secure gateways.

Beware of Grey Imports

Always look for the official Autel Support tag when purchasing a genuine tool.

What is a Grey Import?

A grey import, also known as a grey market or parallel import, refers to the importation and sale of products through unauthorized channels or without the approval of the official manufacturer or distributor.

These products are typically genuine and legitimate, but they are acquired and sold outside the manufacturer's intended distribution network or region.

Grey imports are often brought into a country from another region where the same product may be sold at a lower price, or they may be products that are not officially available in a particular market.

While grey imports can offer consumers access to products they might not otherwise obtain, they often come with drawbacks, such as potential lack of warranties, limited support, and uncertain quality control.

It's important to note that grey imports cannot access manufacturer secure gateways, which means that they may not receive the same level of updates, software support, or compatibility as products purchased through official channels.

If you have any further questions or need more information about grey imports, feel free to ask.

Grey Imports Can't Access Manufacturer Secure Gateways

Grey importing Autel diagnostic tools might appear enticing, but it is actually a misguided decision.

Car manufacturers strictly prohibit grey imported tools from accessing their Secure Gateways. By the end of 2024, most manufacturers will have implemented Secure Gateways in their vehicles.

Prominent manufacturers like Fiat, Chrysler, Alpha, Nissan, Renault, VAG, and Mercedes have already enforced Secure Gateways in their latest vehicle models. If you opt for a genuine UK tool from an authorized dealer, you can pay the manufacturer a fee to access the vehicle's Secure Gateway. However, this privilege is exclusive to authentic UK tools and not available for grey imports or counterfeits.

Purchasing a grey import will limit your ability to work on vehicles manufactured from 2022/23 onwards.

A grey imported Autel tool can cost you a fortune

Moreover, grey imported Autel tools can prove to be a substantial financial burden.

Grey importing Autel diagnostic tools can be costly for several reasons.

To start, grey market goods, which are products imported and sold outside authorized distribution channels, frequently lack manufacturer warranties and support. Consequently, if the diagnostic tool experiences malfunctions or requires maintenance, the owner is left to bear the full cost of repairs or replacements.

Additionally, grey imports can incur unexpected customs fees, taxes, and shipping expenses as they often disregard the same regulations and import procedures as officially distributed products.

Furthermore, compatibility issues and limited access to software updates and technical support can lead to higher long-term operational costs, making grey imported diagnostic tools an expensive choice for businesses or individuals seeking reliable and up-to-date diagnostic capabilities.

If you have any further inquiries or require more information regarding grey imports or Autel diagnostic tools, please do not hesitate to ask. We are here to assist you!