Chargabull 44kW AC Media Charger 

Product information

£15,995.00 excl. VAT

Product Description

Now is the time to move beyond traditional billboards and electrify your audience with the Chagabull 44kW AC Series advertising media charge point.

Featuring a 55-inch adaptive light screen, this innovative solution allows you to captivate customers and promote your latest offerings directly to your audience using our Android 10 operating system.

The 44kW AC charge point boasts two independent 22kW AC connectors and is powered by Monta, giving you the capability to monetise your service and provide charging facilities to both your customers and the general public.

The Chargabull Media Advertising Charger is a straightforward installation, requiring only a three-phase connection. This eliminates the need for costly third-party infrastructure, which would be necessary with a DC charging solution.

Product Features

  • IP54 Protection - Protected from water spray from any direction - built for the toughest environments
  • Galvanised Steel - Protected with an anti-rust zinc coating. Making it ideal for UK weather
  • 2 x 22kw charging sockets - The fastest available chargers without the need for expensive infrastructure
  • 55” LCD screen - Ideal for delivering the highest quality on-demand content
  • Adaptive light technology - Our screen actively responds to changing environmental conditions
  • 4/5G content delivery - Allowing delivery of fast, un-disruptive content. WiFi is also available
  • Dual cooling fan - Intelligent cooling to keep running costs low
  • Secure payments via Monta - Monta is one of the fastest-growing charging platforms in Europe