Autel UK Vehicle Diagnostics

Our new 2019 range of Vehicle Diagnostic and Advance Driver Assistance System Solutions are faster, more powerful and feature the same great coverage you would expect from Autel.

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Industry Leading Automotive Intelligence.

Autel UK offer the most complete range of innovative tools on the market today.


MaxiSYS is Autel UK's most comprehensive diagnostic tool range featuring over 70+ manufacturers.

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Our ADAS range allows the calibration of camera, radar, lidar and ultrasound based systems.

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Pro Range

Our Pro Range tools offer affordability and additional coverage for existing workshops along with hobbyists.

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Autel UK's Tyre Pressure Management System tools are specially designed to activate all known TPMS sensors and are highly functional.

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Digital Inspection Cameras

Digital Inspection cameras help you diagnose faults that you can't initially see such as spark plugs and vehicle wiring.

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Pro Range Accessories

Our Pro Range Accessories allow you to enhance the power and capabilities with of your MaxiSYS.

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Spares & Repairs

Autel UK stock a wide selection of repairs and spare parts for all of of Diagnostic and ADAS range from power cables to OBDII connectors.

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Software Updates

All Autel tools come with 12 Months software updates, however you can easily renew your updates through our website.

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Autel UK's Advance Driver Assistance System

Flexible. Precise. Complete.

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