Wi-Fi VCI with built in Oscillisope, Multimeter, Signal Generator and OBD Bus Check Functions.

MaxiFlash VCMI

The increased functionality supplied by the VCMI is detailed below.

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MaxiFlash VCMI


The VCMI is full coverage multi-functional Wi-Fi VCI with a built-in Oscilloscope, Multimeter, Signal Generator, and OBD Bus Check Functions. Furthermore, it is the only Wi-Fi VCMI currently sold that supports D-PDU, RP1210, CANFD. J2534 and DoIP protocols.


  • Built-In Oscilloscope - The 4 Channel Oscilloscope is faster with 20MHz Bandwidth, more accurate with 80MS/s Sampling Data Rate, and a 32M memory buffer that stores more complex signals, zoom and replay.
  • Our pre-set Guided Test and Waveform Library instruct technician's on use and fault analysis We also provide a large number of cloud preset cases, including connection diagrams, waveform library, reference waveforms, fault case analysis, and one-press waveform settings.
  • Built-In Waveform Generator - he Waveform Generator is used to test a sensor, an actuator, or an ECU without the need to replace them one by one to identify the fault. This
  • is done by simulating signals of various sensors and ECUs, identifying hardware issues.
  • Simulates sensor signals to quickly diagnose ECU, sensor, and wiring harness issues;
  • Simulates ECU signals to perform active tests to verify functions of certain parts (Electronic fan, solenoid valves etc);
  • Simulates actuator signals and verifies the communication status between the actuator and ECU (Electronic fan, solenoid valve, headlight)
  • Built-In Multimeter - The professional Multimeter will measure Voltage, Current, Resistance, Diode, Frequency/Period, Duty Cycle, Connectivity and Pulse Width.
  • Built-In CAN Bus Check - The CAN Bus Check can quickly determine whether the OBD pins are functioning correctly