AVM Target Patterns

Calibration procedures should be performed inside, on a level floor. Some vehicles require targets to be placed 20 feet away from the vehicle. During other procedures, the alignment should be performed with bright background light. Try and avoid the following as they might affect a calibration. Can't find the pattern you're looking for?

Can't find the pattern your looking for? Please contact us as it may have been recently released.

Cadillac-AVM (CSC1004/06)

Honda-AVM (CSC1004/02)

Honda-AVM (CSC1004/03)

Nissan-RCW (CSC1006/03)

Ford-AVM (CSC1004/05)

Porsche-AVM (CSC1004/07)

Mercedes-RCW (CSC1006/01)

VW-AVM (CSC0804/01)

VW-AVM (CSC1004/01)

VW-RCW-AVM (CSC0806/01)

LDW Target Package Set

A complete set of LDW calibration patterns targets and holders to calibrate forward cameras are a perfect solution for glass replacement shops. Lane Departure Warning and front camera calibration is always necessary after windshield replacement.

Benz LDW (CSC0601/02)

Nissan LDW Pattern 1 (CSC0601/03)

Honda Board Pattern 1 (CSC0601/05)

Hyundai/KIA LDW Pattern 2 (CSC0601/09)

Hyudani/KIA Pattern 1 (CSC0601/07)

Nissan LDW Pattern 1 (CSC0601/03)

Nissan/Infiniti LDW Pattern 2 (CSC0601/06)

Toyota/Lexus LDV Pattern 1 (CSC0601/11)